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The full range of Bryan Rawlings Design royal coats of arms and National Association of Jewellers coats of arms is now available from Signs of the Times Ltd. Telephone 01525 874185, or email

Bryan Rawlings Design is now closed for commercial and heraldic sculpture commissions. Bryan is now studying for Master of Arts in Fine Art at Bath Spa University and will be continuing a career specialising in fine art.

Eagle Star 3-metre sculpture finished in gold leaf
Eagle sculpture made for Eagle Star's City of London offices.
Art, sculpture in particular, is my passion. I think myself lucky to have made a career in commercial sculpture.
The very best projects for me have been those opportunities where I have been able to give my creativity free-rein, and get paid for making fine art work!

An involvement with Eagle Star insurance for a period provided commissions for a number of different sculptures of eagles, including some for their headquarters in Cheltenham, and a very prestigious one that was mounted over the entrance to their offices in St Mary Axe in the City of London.

The London eagle sculpture, which had a 3m wing span, survived the IRA bombing in 1993 with moderate damage to one of the wings. Eagle Star returned it to my workshop where I repaired the wing and re-gilded the sculpture (it was finished entirely in 23.75ct gold leaf), and then replaced it over the entrance canopy, where it remained for many more years.

Antique dolphin
Antique dolphin.
Bovis hummingbird small scale sculpture, 5 inches high
Bovis hummingbird.

Portrait bust of Mr Lawrence Batley
Portrait bust of Mr Lawrence Batley, 1.5 times life size. Commissioned by Batleys of Yorkshire Ltd.
Portraiture I find fascinating. I enjoy the challenge of creating a good likeness without losing the spontaneity of the modelling, something that I think worked particularly well in my portrait bust of Mr Lawrence Batley (see image to the left).

I have been fortunate to have received several portrait commissions for public display over the years.

I think the huge amount of commercial sculpture work that I have done has benefited me greatly in refining my skills in all the technical aspects of sculpture.

Resin casting and GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester resin) are excellent media for creating sculptural work with great refinement and detail, using GRP or silicone rubber moulds.

This work I do entirely ‘in house’ in my sculpture workshop in Keynsham, so I have absolute control over what is created.

West of England Business of the Year Award trophy
The West of England Business of the Year Award trophy.
Our design and production facilities are very versatile and our work has included trophy designs, presentation awards and commemorative sculpture.

I submitted my first design for the West of England Business of the Year Award trophy as a competition entry in 1992. I won the contract and supplied the trophy made to my design for the next eight years.

Then in 2000, the sponsors, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, The Western Daily Press and HTV West requested a totally new design incorporating their newly-designed graphic for the award.

For the original trophy I had used a stylised map to represent the West of England, so in order to have a completely new image, I used a sculptural interpretation of south-westerly pointing part of a compass. This new style trophy was supplied by my company for presentation for many years.

We have also made safety award trophies for Esso Petroleum, The Queen's Award for Export Achievement plaques, National Lottery Award plaques, Pub of the Year plaques, and a one-off trophy for a Timmy Mallett competion.

Through my involvement with specialist art metal foundries, I understand the techniques of lost-wax and sand casting, which I have employed to create works in bronze, aluminium alloy, and even iron.

Queen's Club badges
Queen's Club badges.
Hillingdon coat of arms
Hillingdon coat of arms.
Cast bronze coat of arms
Cast bronze coat of arms.
Chelsea Hospital coats of arms
Chelsea Hospital coats of arms.

Sun Life Insurance's 'Sun Face' emblem (2m diameter)
When large corporate bodies commission works of sculpture, the intention can range from the creation of a purely fine art work to enhance the environment of their premises, to the sculptural interpretation of their logo.

Sometimes they will have an emblem which is very pictorial and lends itself well to sculptural interpretation. A good example is Sun Life Insurance’s ‘Sun Face’ emblem.

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One of a pair of 7ft peacocks made for a shopping mall in Dubai
One of a pair of stylised peacocks measuring about 7ft/2.1m high, made for a shopping mall in Dubai.

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Erotic Russian Dolls for Julian Murphy
These erotic Russian Dolls were produced for Julian Murphy, based on his original designs.

The sculptures are now the property of the Erotic Art Museum in Hollywood, California, where they are part of the permanent collection.

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Queen's Own Yeomanry badge in gold leaf finish
Queen's Own Yeomanry badge in gold leaf finish.
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